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Welcome to the new website of archaeform! Enjoy browsing and discovering our exciting products!

“Professor Henry Jones, Jr., perhaps the most influential archaeologist of our time, warned us: „We cannot afford to take mythology at face value.“ ” *

On the contrary, we can! The aim of archaeform is to rekindle the past, its mythology, its form language and its intellectual world. In this context archaeform offers a carefully selected range of exquisite and high quality products which are designed and assembled in collaboration with the great and famous museums in the world. With every object you purchase a piece of living history – exclusively and only available at archaeform and selected museum shops supplied by us.

Feel free to visit our Blog from time to time. Here we will inform you at regular intervals with entertaining and interesting facts and news from the world of archaeology.

* Zitat / Quote: Stephen H. Lekson, The Chaco Meridien: Centers of Power in the Ancient Southwest, Walnut Creek 1999