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The Egyptian word “Sha” means happiness – “Sha-Sha” means necklace – the auspicious and protective character of the jewellery is emphasized hereby. The high quality glass beads (“rocailles”) mimic the colour scheme of Egyptian originals. Gold and red stand for the joy of life, love and creativity. Blue means inspiration, green is the colour of renewal and peace, and black is the colour of eternal life.

The Eye of Horus is the magic symbol of protection of the Egyptians and a popular charm which grants eternal life and protection of the wearer. The goddess Bastet in shape of a cat is the Egyptian deity of love and joy, of music and feasts. Nefertiti was the beautiful wife of Akhenaten and a woman with considerable power and political influence. The cartouche of Nefertiti reads “Beautiful are the beauties of the Aten, Nefertiti”. The hippopotamus was the ancient Egyptians’ mighty symbol for fertility and regenerative powers. Theb lotus flower was equally close to the chaotic darkness and divine light and was believed to be a symbol of life after death. The hieroglyph “Ankh” means “life”. As a symbol it is the emblem of vthe divine, of eternal life. In Ancient Egypt an unscathed mummified body guarantees a life in the hereafter.